Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Am Going To Try And Post More

I really enjoy Halloween.

It is, by far, my favorite holiday. It actively encourages eating too much candy, extortion, vandalism, and little kids dressing up like Satan. I am looking forward to buying a big bowl of candy, donning the 'ol giant pumpkin costume (complete w/ stem hat) playing some scary sound effects, leaving my front door open, and drinking beer and eating sausage while waiting for little kids to come so I can give them as much candy as their skinny little arms can carry. Last year I got a decent amount of kids. I try to reward the kids who actually dress up as something scary with more candy. The the bland little fuckers that dress up with pansy costumes, like Princesses or Firemen, they get a little less. I want Zombies, Devils, Demons, Monsters, etc. I am a traditionalist. I also, am going to avoid my work related Halloween party. Why, in my right mind, would I ever want to go to work and see people I see far too often, only not get paid for it? What kind of sick fuck enjoys that?

Halloween falling on a Monday, it sucks though. A Busy-Body in my building is making noise about having Halloween on Saturday night, so her foul kids from her lousy bloodstream won't be too tired at school come Tuesday, but she fails to realize her bullshit is just going to fucking confuse everyone in my building. Even me, and I don't confuse very easily.

Finally got the Black Time record, which I am enjoying very much. I am surprised how much it reminds me of The Time Flys. Haven't heard any of the singles or 10" or what not on various European labels with poor distribution, so I am hoping some enterprising whippersnapper compiles it all for me later.

Also, I have never heard anything by the following bands, could someone tell me if they think I would enjoy it? And if so, what would be the record to pick up?

The Swans
Spring Heel Jack
The Zoomers
No Neck Blues Band

Thank you.

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