Saturday, August 06, 2005

Terrible Blog Alert

A reader pointed me in it's direction. I was going to sit down, roll up my sleeves, and rip the guy a brand new five bedroom, four bath asshole, but I don't have the gumption. Also, I don't want to read the entire thing, even though it's busting out at the seams with fodder to I'm attempting to stop wallowing in negativity and intentionally exposing myself to things I loathe. Maybe that would help me sleep, give me a better attitude, make me more attractive to the opposite sex, etc. Or, maybe not. I was thinking of writing something about someone that I see posting on message boards, who I have come to know somewhat just through his relentless championing of a lousy band on the internet and his very sad Myspace profile. Something about this person is pretty hilarious, how out of touch he is, his idealized self image projection, and his refusal to see how much people dislike him. He may very well be the most irritating person on the entire internet. That's right, the most irritating person on the entire internet, and since the majority of the world has access (if they so please) to the internet, and since it hasn't been proven that humans reside elsewhere in the galaxy, then Scottie Diablo may very well be the most irritating person in the entire Universe. Maybe someone in some rural village with no computers is more annoying, but for now my vote goes for Mister Diablo.

Re: earlier blog: I will say this though, why do people dislike blogs? Obviously, I am in no position to be objective on this, but if someone wants to post something, quickly, easily, and for free, why is that so terrible? Yes, I am well aware that many blogs out there are very poorly done, that just because any asshole with a misplaced ambition lodged in their noodle and a vague aspiration to be a writer now has a forum, and the desperate cries for attention that pass as writing make up an alarming proportion of blog content... Well, you don't have to read it. If you do, and you search through the underbelly, reading between the lines and getting glimpses of people's private selves, it's pretty incredible. Not well written, but fascinating. But some blogs are great, I can stop fiddling with this bullshit & go to, say
right now and listen to songs I would never hear otherwise. I can get information on bands that otherwise I would never know about on others. I can go to and read intelligent, well written, literate reviews about the music I'm not going to see in print anywhere, except maybe Bull Tongue.

Where was I? Where's this going? Doesn't matter. I didn't sit down at the computer on this too hot Saturday morning and have a clear plan of attack for what I was going to write, after I got too lazy to read the entire poorly written and unamusing blog, even though it would have been absurdly easy to make the guy look like the idiot he very obviously is. I'm not even going to mention the blog's name now, anyway. He probably has more readers then me.

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