Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Little Bit Of Rainwater

Phil's note:

I wrote this a few days ago, on June Fifth. Today is the Eleventh. I was going to include said song, which is relatively common, but still wonderful and I bet many of you assholes have not heard it. Anyway, I was supposed to get some donated bandwidth that was going to host songs I gab about, but it has yet to materialize. So just pretend you can hear the goddamn song anyway. You probably will be able to eventually...

Say what you will about Marvin Rainwater, but the guy had a varied career that encompassed a startling number a musical styles. Marvin could go from a crazyman rockabilly raveups to lush balladry, cornpone humor to utter sincerity. At one point, he was even backed by Link Wray and The Wraymen, joining the elite company of one Bunker Hill.

I first heard of Marvin Rainwater through his berserk 'Hot And Cold', a loony rockabilly number that is amongst Lux Interior's (who knows more about Rockabilly then any other man to don women's shoes) favorite songs. But unlike, say Johnny Burnette, whose reckless run through evil sounding rockabilly quickly descending into mediocre sap - Rainwater never lost his welcome off-kilterness. Marv's scattershot forays different styles encompasses far more then most artists. You can get hoity toity and dismiss much of Rainwater's later output as goofy novelty cowshit - Rainwater is guilty of exploiting his half Cherokee lineage to the hilt - but it's your loss, cowboy.

'My Brand of Blues' is one of those songs that doesn't sound like it was preformed by bored proficient studio musicians with one eye on their instruments one eye on the clock. Rather, the relentless chugalug rhythm rises and descends in volume and rarely strays from it's relentless propulsive course and fuses mysteriously with the emitted ethereal vocal echo. The whole number sounds like it was whispered into you ear from deep in a nameless void.

Maybe I'm overselling it, but it is still a pretty good song.

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