Monday, April 25, 2005

Incidentally, Why I Refuse To Own A Digital Camera

I don't like digital cameras. I don't even like automatic film cameras. Sure, it may seem like a radical, irrational position, but so is Christianity, and you don't see that stopping people. Someone that doesn't have the patience to grasp the simple fundamentals of photography doesn't deserve the right to preserve images. Yeah, great, Grandma can snap a photo with her off the shelfer she bought at Best Buy. Or your silly ass can snap photos all fucking day with your little digital wonder, and print them up right on your inkjet. Isn't technology great? Hey, asshole, why don't you get a real fucking camera? Why don't you use a little discretion and use real film, where you have to measure the validity of each shot you are taking, rather then just snapping like a machine gun? Why don't you treat it serious enough where you have to actually have to utilize some discernment?

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a young person, recent college grad age bracket, and in the course of your conversation, what to you do for a living? comes up. Rather then just admitting they are living off of the parental teat, or that they are sit in an office fucking around on the internet under the pretense of work like the rest of us, they say that they are an actor, or a writer, or a musician. Fine, you are entitled to your ambitions. But something that really makes my blood boil is when you get the answer, 'I'm a writer, musician, actor, photographer, and filmmaker'. Oh yeah? You are? You mean you're a waiter/day dreamer? If you were such hot shit, then how come I've never heard of you? High end digital cameras make it easy for any jerk off with some money burning a hole in their pocket to start snapping off half decent photos and call themselves a photographer. Fuck all that.

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