Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Song I Don't Want To Like, But I Do

I was recently giving Brazilian nutjob Raul Seixas' LP ''Krig-Ha, Bandolo!' a listen, and I was struck by how much I found myself liking one of his few English numbers, 'How Could I Know'. Personally, I don't see the big fucking deal about hit 'Ouro De Tolo', I don't speak Portuguese, but doesn't prevent me from enjoying 'Metamorfose Ambulante' any less then if I could understand the lyrics. Hearing one of his few English numbers makes me pretty thankful I can't decipher what he's talking about anyway, because Raul's interest in Spiritualism and Metaphysics, coupled with the atrocious cover art for his aformentioned LP, makes a big part of me wish I was a redneck in a pickup truck and I saw him on a motorcycle and was able to shoot him, leaving a bloody heap of tasseled leathers and a headband peppered with buckshot holes and brain matter at the side of the road.

Speaking of which, am I the only person that enjoys the hippies getting murdered, and little else, in 'Easy Rider'?

Anyway, I found myself listening repeatedly to 'How Could I Know', an earnest, heartfelt, personal ballad, normally the type of thing I enjoy poking fun at (especially when said earnest, heartfelt, personal ballad was produced in the early seventies), but there is something about the overblown singing and the epic production, with it's strings, background singers, and surprisingly lo-fi sounding drums that tickle me where I didn't know I needed it. The lyrics, often marred by his accent, are pretty stupid, and even someone with very poor understanding of the grammar of my native tongue (myself) winces at such bizarre couplets such as the opening:
'Reformulation, rearrange the game you're in/
Let us start from the begin'
and has a very difficult time not bursting into laughter at:
'As I was growing, and my hair was getting longer/
I was feeling so much stronger'
But there is something in the song I found majestic anyway, despite all the horrible surface elements. I loathe mentioning it in the first place, because it's embarrassing to like a song this dumb. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll wake up and give it a listen and wonder what I was thinking. But for now, I'm going to listen to it again.

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