Monday, January 24, 2005

Maybe If I Do No Think About It, It Will Go Away

Went to a bar that an internet site voted as 'Best Place To Find A Date' last Saturday. Immediately felt uncomfortable when I arrived, had a difficult time even attempting to strike up a conversation, which was difficult anyway because all the patrons were in groups. Don't anyone ever go to a goddamn bar by themselves anymore? How come everyone is always in a fucking group? Does everyone make plans every fucking time they go eating? I never see anyone by themselves. So yeah, instead of just settling in a seat I just walked around the interior of the bar, up the steps, looked around the top, kind of pretended I was waiting for someone to arrive and feeling like everyone was looking at me, before going down the stairs and doing the same thing. Repeat. Wasn't able make conversation with anyone and drank too much. Nervousness accentuated my natural desire to drink, and general unshakeable doom/antsy/a lack of fruitful activities to indulge my hands in, led me to drinking more and more. I don't even remember how I got home. This is where it gets BAD: Sunday morning there was a dent in the front of my car. About six inches wide, vertical, if you were looking at my shitbox head on, it would be a little bit to the right of the front left wheel. My car is parked in a garage (so nobody could have bumped the front of my car therein). I skimmed the papers, and thankfully saw no reports of hit and run accidents.

I've lately been trying to get through Fats Domino's recordings, and as much as I like him and can respect his vast accomplishments, yadda yadda yadda - a little of his stuff goes a long way and it gets really repetitive after a few songs. I feel the same way about Smiley Lewis, who has his great stuff, and plenty of material that basically indistinguishable. I'm at work and too lazy to look it up on the internet, but his song 'Down Yonder We Go Ballin'', with it's opening Shave And A Haircut riff and jaunty hillbilly strumming over a beat so deliriously simple it's complicated is probably his masterpiece, and the most divergent sounding of all of his stuff. Yep.

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