Monday, December 27, 2004

Some More Pointless Feuding Over The Internet With No Clear Result

I just copied the text verbatim from the comments box, my initial words are in brackets, the responses I got are in parentheticals. My current comments are unmolested.

[--I guess punk rock fanship is okay, as long as you don't express negative criticism of bands that aren't really popular, and are in band.]

(No, it's not okay. Yay-band or nay-band. It's fucking boring. You're fucking boring. I never said we were "immune to criticism." I simply said there's no hype going on here. Some people like us, some people don't. What do you care?)

Seems hung up on the whole 'hype' thing here, I simply said 'Grade C hype', which he's manage to extrapolate. Look: Functional Blackout's label's website has a comment from John Peel, arguably the most important DJ of all time, with 'Functional Blackouts may have themselves a bit of a classic here', alongside many other glowing (i.e. wrong) reviews, that sounds like hype to me.

[Okay, if we suck so bad, and if the Mistreaters and Taxi suck so goddamn bad, start your own band. It's easy. It just takes a little bit of courage. Do you have a little bit of courage?]

No, but I am able to recognize when it's probably best that I am not in a band.

(--What, and now I have to be in a fucking band just to state my opinion?)

[Yes. Write some songs. Find people to play music with. Book some shows. Make an effort. That's the essence of punk rock. Trying.]

I think the 'essence of punk rock' is up to interpretation.

[It's not whining about the state of music in a jiveass blog. We know it sucks. Turn on the radio. Yeah. It's bad. Change it. It's active vs. passive, and now you're in the latter camp. Then, I would actually be interested in what you have to say. Then, since you're now doing something besides complaining, you'd be forced to actually know what it's like, and you might have to be supportive in a constructive, mutually beneficial sort of way, thus advancing the world instead of miring in its self-evident muck.]

What is this guy, a hippy? Maybe at the next show I attend I can get everyone to hold hands and sing the praises of everyone, just because the made a fucking effort? Who gives a shit? Merit counts, not effort. I wasn't even especially mean to the Functional Blackouts. I don't mind them, I just find them boring. If they come out with another record, I'll probably give it a listen. No matter how whiny and defensive and incapable of receiving criticism some of the members are.

[No, I don't want a gold star for my efforts. I don't want universal acclaim. I do the things I do to find friends and allies who share my interests. This is small potatoes, and there are always room for new bands. All I want is for you to do something interesting, musically speaking. That's your challenge. Respond to this not through your shit talkity talk talk, but by starting your own band and showing us peasants how it's done. --BC]

[If you can do better, yeah, I would listen and actually care about your opinions. Otherwise, in the punk rock world, they're invalid, impotent, and as mentally masturbatory as a suburban housewife's subscription to People Magazine.]

I don't understand either argument. If my 'opinions' (which are, after all, just opinions) are so invalid, impotent, and as mentally masturbatory as he tells me they are, then how come it got him so angry?

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