Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Piranhas Just Got Better

The Piranhas? The general consensus amongst those who indugle their noodles, flap their gums and peck at their keyboards about such topics is that they came out of the gate strong with some dynamite singles and a a well regarded first record, before getting their heads stuck up their own asses. 'Sure The Piranhas are still a great live band, but that last record was no great shakes, I mean, c'mon, it's just like weird noise! It's not as excellent as my [insert mediocre band here, say The Fuctional Blackouts, or someone like that] LP! Now that's a recording!' Listen: I don't indulge in contradictory rhetoric just for shits and giggles, but if you ask me (and by reading this, you are), the general consensus is wrong. For those with a sense of adventure lodged deep in the earhole, The Piranhas surpassed their first recordings and mutated into something unique.

I don't know how they found the time between murdering rats and frightning showgoers to shitcan much of their momentum and goodwill among the fickle scenesters hip to the Piranhas' recordings. The release of 'Erotic Grit Movies', a strange, almost inaccessible record that can be disorienting to listen to, managed to loose them some listeners. It was followed by the even weirder (and vinyl only) 'Pisces Clangor', which did little to reclaim those previously put off by pervasive strangeness. Their loss.

Take 'Blinking Lights' from Erotic Grit; atmospheric intro, verses alternating between portions primed for eruption and portions that are oddly catchy, shooting off into a bridge I can best describe as Bowie covering Phillip Glass, before lurching into a closing passage that sounds like (in the best possible way) they made it up as they went along, before the songs comes sputtering to a stop, in perfect time. You want something creative? Different? Challenging? The Piranhas went from writing pretty catchy (though bent) punk numbers to taking traditional 'rock' songwriting and song structures and shiting all over them. A great band, and it's too bad they're gone.

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