Sunday, December 26, 2004

Not Just Chicken Kabobs & Sex Tourism, And Anyone Who Disagrees Is Apparently Wrong, And An Asshole

I'm pretty burnt out on 60's punk. A solid decade of picking up compilations that very drastically in quality have left me pretty cold to anything recent reissues. Occasionally, a real gem will be unearthed (Paul Bearer and His Hearsemen's 'I've Been Thinking' and Michael Yonkers well deserved recent critical accolades both spring to mind), but there are many other things I'd rather catch up on listening to rather then the often stale 60's punk compilations. Unless a record comes along that has been highly lauded, or recommended by a trusted source (like the consistenst, but overall rather forgettable 'Quagmire' series), I've got other places to spend my dollar. However, the recent 'Thai Beat A Go-Go' caught my eye. I don't know shit about Thai music, and it sounded intriguing.

Far more rocking then the mellow 'Cambodia Rocks' series, but with a similar vibe of way-out, wonderfully underproduced purity, it's an interesting record. Starting off with the one two punch of Johnny's Guitar's relentless instrumental 'Kratae', think of The Gories version of 'Ichiban' reworked as a 'Las Vegas Grind' track, followed by Payom Moogda's reworking of 'What'd I Say' (as 'Tamai Dern Sae', translating to 'Why Do You Walk Like A Drunkard'), combining some incredibly harsh treble, great reverbed guitar tones, all while deflty sidestepping any 'gee whiz' Foreign novelty quotient. Good stuff. The whole thing is worth a listen, but a little goes a long way. It ends up dragging a bit, as my intial glee gradually gave way to a powerful itch in my skip finger. I'll buy the next volumes in the series, but I don't know how often I'm going to listen to this.

Also, I'm getting tired of anytime I disagree with someone, or offer a disstening opinon on the status quo of the insular world of the people musical tastes who occasionally overlap mine, I get a bunch of fucking grief. Even when I'm writing about something that has nothing to do with anyone, I get a bunch of fucking grief. For people ostensibly into, y'know, 'punk' music, many of you are overly defensive little girls prone to bigtime hissy fits. You fucking babies. Fuck. I'd quit and go back to being a silent record buyer, but I get the distinct feeling that anyone that gets that upset over something so minor as an entry on Letters Have No Arms, is probably upset pretty often and there is nothing I can do about that.

Has anyone seen 'The Aviator' yet? Scorsese has let me down too often for me to willingly drop a few dollars on one of his movies, and paying good money to see DeCaprio is something Phil Honolulu would like to avoid. But it's been getting decent reviews, so any of you readers wanna email me and let me know how it was?

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