Sunday, December 26, 2004

Insulated Asshole's Christmas Comments

Two comments from a card carrying member of the Fuctional Blackouts, and fellow columinst for Terminal Boredom:

"Well...I certainly wasn't at the boardmeeting when they thought about hiring you for TB. Oh goody: Another insulated assclown sitting around criticizing for the sake of being the highnmighty critic. Just what the world needs.
These bands you criticize, like ours, aren't millionaires living off royalties. They do it in the face of massive indifference except for maybe a few of your friends who aren't as jaded as your sorry ass. They try, and just because five or six people cream all over it in their webzines or message boards don't make it "hype" by any stretch. Get outta your cocoon, and put your proverbial garridge rock 10-sided die away and start living instead of acting the asshole, Asshole.--B. Costello."

So, because your band isn't successful, it's not subject to criticism? I mentioned, if memory serves 'Grade C Hype', which I thought was a pretty fair representation of the type of 'hype' (a vague word) your band was receiving. Also, some of the people I criticize or offend seems to live under the impression that I am spending every waking hour working on this blog, instead of spending a spare fifteen minutes here or there. Hey, if you're coming across this blog, which is in the cyberspace equivlent of the sticks, you're probably spending a fair amount of time on the goddamn internet, too.

"Cozumel here...I forgave your sorry ass for thinking I actually gave 2 shits about your opinion on The Sermon...but're just being a fucking shitstain. Start your own band or shut the fuck up, Mr. Honolulu, if that is your real name. Gee...hard to believe you're not beating the ladies off with sticks with such a wonderfully "iconoclastic" attitude, hating bands a handful of music fans out there like. Get some perspective, Mr. Oh-so-Jaded. Learn some chords and do your own thing, assuming you have any friends around willing to tolerate your snobbery. No? Gee, what a surprise."

Again, what kind of argument is that? If I disslike a band that not that many people like, is that wrong? What, and now I have to be in a fucking band just to state my opinion? Getting some perspective? You're the one that is out calling someone you've never met a 'fucking shitstain' on Christmas day over the internet. I guess punk rock fanship is okay, as long as you don't express negative criticism of bands that aren't really popular, and are in band.

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