Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Some Responses

Like most of the mornings in the past twenty years of my life, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, except rather then just silently seething, I instead decided to spew viral, unproductive hatred over the internet. Unbidden (obviously), the though of The Makers crossed my mind while I was working the copier at work, so I snuck back to my computer and made fun of the irredeemable output, taking time at the end dismiss the entire output of a record label that has done nothing specific to me to warrant this type of venomous behavior except make slogging through record bins more irritating.

Jay Himan, esteemed editor of both the late 'Superdope' & the blog 'Agony Shorthand' graciously mentioned my bashing of laughable idiots The Makers, as well as their enabler/former record label, Estrus in his blog, despite me ribbing him for an conflicting detail in a Hunches review. Some folks responded in his comments box, and rather then burning up bandwidth over there, I'll rather respond over here.

Time to use the the 'ol cut and paste...

"Yes I try to keep no Estrus Records around here but one I do have is the first Gasoline LP which is a great sidebar to when Teengenerate ruled the world. This came up because I will hopefully see them live in Tokyo in ten days time and it turns out they had a 2nd and 3rd album on Estrus, and a fourth not. Dionysus could use a good kicking too.." -Henry Weld

Henry is right as rain, Dionysus could certainly use a good kicking. Whoever is steering the ship over there can't pick a decent goddamned modern band to save his life. I heard good things about a Turkish Garage comp CD that I'd like to pick up, though. I like Teengenerate fine, but don't think they've aged particularly well. I can't remember the last time I pulled out a Teengenerate record, and while certainly pleasant, with their hearts in the right place (and mounting an enterprise like kick starting a whole scene in Japan deserves a round of applause) I just find them boring now. I like Gasoline, too, but not enough to listen to their records or remember any of their songs. They aren't bad live.

"Whatever, the guy's writing about how much he hates U2. Deep. There's still enough good to great records with an Estrus logo on them to say: "Dude, get a grip! Worry about some real shit already."

PS I'd actually go on record as saying that the Makers never even wrote a good song UNTIL they started trying to position themselves as God's gift to rock." -Dave Martin

Yeah, I know it's not exactly a bigtime news scoop that U2 eats shit, but I used them as an example in the aforementioned entry as something not to be emulated, something false and stupid and sad. This we can probably all agree on, even someone of questionable taste to actually sit down and take the time to type "the Makers never even wrote a good song UNTIL they started trying to position themselves as God's gift to rock.", right? Then I compared The Makers to U2, in an uncomplimentary way. Because, like U2, The Makers are a horrible band with bad records. As for great records with an Estrus logo on them... Well I mentioned Supercharger, right? I'm sure there are some records from half a decade or so on Estrus that are a-okay, but I can't think of any right now. The didn't bother to list the aforementioned 'good to great' records on the 'BANDS' section of the website, which isn't a very encouraging sign. Do adults still use the word 'whatever'?

Thanksgiving is going to be spent alone. I do not trust myself to successfully bake a turkey. I'm sure people far dumber then myself have performed said duty, but it seems rather intricate with a distressingly large margin for error and I don't want to wait around for a few hours to eat something only semi palatable. I suppose I could try to fry the bastard, but investing in a turkey fryer seems fiscally irresponsible, even for an impulsive person like myself. I might just go out and eat. I like Turkey. I've had various food snobs tiringly inform me that Turkey is bland, unimpressive meat not fit for sophisticated palates, only to be grudgingly consumed on ceremonial occasions when there is no other alternative. Last night I ate a half thawed container of French Bread pizza because I was really hungry, so I take that bullshit with a grain of salt.

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