Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Now That I Think About It

The Cheater Slick's cover of J. Richman's 'Walk Up The Street' is one of my favorite covers of all time. Listening to it again this morning before work, I realized it eclipsed my previous favorite Cheater Slicks cover tune, their wonderful deconstruction of 'Little Red Book'. The original Modern Lovers version, while a fine song in itself, doesn't stand out on their early demos. It must not have been anyone's favorite, because there was no version included on the official Modern Lovers record years later. It's a simple tune, even by Modern Lovers standards, only two chords (maybe a third thrown in there somewhere), and teenage ennui lyrics. I'd quote them here, but I don't do things like that.

The Cheater Slicks, single, which I believe in itself is a demo originally intended for their 'Don't Like You' LP, is a killer. Starts out (like all Slick's songs) with a lone guitar, in this case strumming out the absurdly simplistic chords. Then Dana Hatch's drums kick in, the fuzz starts, and Dana starts spitting out the lyrics with a menace that you couldn't imagine coming out of friendly John's mouth. Once the two guitars hit their stride and start weaving in out of the ominous groove in earnest and Dana bashes the cymbals, the song miraculously seems by turns, tight, and completely out of control.

I think it's out of print, so if you haven't heard it, tough shit.

A few people wisely took the day off today to extend their Thanksgiving Break, so they can spend the Holiday with their family. Subsequently, and thankfully, I am not especially busy today. Today I am Thankful that a portion of the office is away and out of my goddamned face.

Found the home address of the person the bothered me at the copier a few weeks ago. I got it off his check when my Boss made me put stamps on all the payroll checks. Even though people pick them up at the office, I had to lick stamps for an hour anyway. But I know where the Fucker lives, so right now I'm at my desk/table originally designed to hold a small copier, trying to think of suitable revenge, one that will hurt, and/or cripple him emotionally (or physically, whatever) but will leave me in a position where I do not have to be worried about being caught. I'll keep my thinking cap on, and (private) suggestions are appreciated.

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